AUCTION CLOSING DATE - 16th September 2002

Hello again and welcome to this SUMMER SPECIAL Mole Jazz Auction List - and, wow what a list it is!

So as you lie on the beach on your well-earned Summer hols - these are just some of the things you should be on the look-out for.

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Firstly there are "oodles" of Blue Note Japanese LP's (or should that read Japanese Blue Note LP's ? - oh, please yourself !) you know what I mean. There are larger than usual selections of 10" LP's and EP's - with all styles of jazz being well represented, and another excellent selection of Books.

Then - a handful of those sort-after gems - the rarely sighted Mint condition Tempo LP's - with Tubby and Ronnie in fine fettle. Watch the bids come rolling in for these little darlings! Then it's the return of the 78 rpm records - in the form of a vast selection of V-Discs (records issued for the American Servicemen from 1943 to 1949). And as if that wasn't enough, there's a load of British Modern Jazz 78's from the 1950's again featuring Ronnie Scott - along with such notables as John Dankworth, Tommy Whittle, tony Kinsey and various Melody Maker All-Star line-ups.

As we always say - something for every taste and style of jazz - and we look forward to receiving your bids!

Good hunting!

The closing date for this Auction is 16th September 2002, and as always in an attempt to get you to bid early we are offering the familiar £50 Mole Jazz Voucher to the lucky winner of a draw made from all the bids received by 9th September 2002. Remember you can use fax (+44 (0)20 7833 2218) or e-mail (, which are much quicker than the conventional mail.

Please ensure that all bids are in by the closing date – 16th September 2002.
(Free Prize draw! - for all bids arriving by 9th September 2002- £50 Mole Voucher)

A couple of financial points to bring to your attention - in connection with payments for winning bids. Please note that in effect from January 1st 2001 we will no longer accept payment by EUROCHEQUES - and if you make payment by International Post Giro, please ensure that all charges have been paid in full! Otherwise we will not be able to despatch your winnings until the amount due has been settled. CREDIT CARDS remain the most popular method of payment - We accept ALL Major Cards - please complete the relevant section on the bids form.

If you are new to Mole Auctions, please read the guidelines.

The following categories of records will be available for auction.

Please select one of the following record groupings to see the selections on our list.

USA Lps UK LPs Europe LPs
10" EPs CD's
78's and V-Discs European issues of US LPs Books
Programmes Magazines World LPs
Japanese LPs Latin  

For the time being, Mole Jazz cannot accept bids via the Internet. However if you would care to make a bid for one or more of the records contained within this auction, please print out the bids form and either post it or fax it to the address below.

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