Guidelines to Bidders:

The highest bid wins the item. Each section has a minimum bid level, but most items attract higher offers. All reasonable enquiries concerning any item on the list are welcome. We reserve the right not to award an item if the top bid is too low. Please mail or fax your bids on the form provided, appending a separate sheet if necessary. Please fill in ALL the reference numbers clearly, e.g. 1274-A-2811 (Some items are listed twice when we have differing copies e.g. mono/stereo.) If you do not make your bids clear you may win the wrong item! Winners will be notified as soon as possible after the closing date. (It takes a minimum of two weeks to sort out the 15,000+ individual bids, and a further week to mail all the invoices.)


Records and sleeves are graded visually and guaranteed. Column 1 indicates LP condition, and column 2, sleeve condition. Every effort is made to describe records accurately, but mistakes can occasionally occur. Any record inaccurately described may be returned for a full refund, or a price adjustment may be made. Our return rate is less than 1%.


Bids must be in STERLING or US Dollars IF INDICATED. Dollar bids will be converted when the bid reaches us.

VAT (UK Sales Tax):

Goods mailed outside the EC - VAT free. EC invoices have VAT added at UK rate.


Credit/charge card - please complete the relevant section of the bid form. You will be charged when winning items are ready for mailing. Other winners will be invoiced, and may pay by sterling cheque, bank draft, money order, or giro. Credit notes must be sent to us.


We are keen to buy and trade records, especially rarer ones, and memorabilia. Contact us for quotes. If you have a Jazz collection to dispose of please get in touch. We may visit larger collection before making an offer - without obligation.

Key - Condition (Column 1 - LP, Column 2 - Sleeve

N - New, unplayed.
M - Mint, as new but has been played.
E+ - Occasional surface marks, should have not scratches that sound.
E - Some wear, and occasional scratches that are audible, but playable overall.
E- - Poor condition.
PC - Plain cover, no art sleeve.
DG - Deep circular groove in label on both sides.
GF - Gatefold sleeve.
FS - Factory sealed.

Key - Record Labels:

Blue Note:

LEX - 767 Lexington Avenue.
47/63 - 47 West 63rd Street.
NYC - New York City.


Yl/NYC - Yellow label / New York City.
YL/NJ - Yellow label / New Jersey.
Blue - Blue label.
BL/SIL - Black & Silver Stereo.

Key - Others:

BGP - Bill Grauer Production.
R/B - Red & Black (Columbia).
R/W - Red & White (Columbia).
ORA/ORANGE - Orange (Impulse).
DSM - David Stone Martin Sleeve.
DRUM - Drummer on label (Emarcy).
6 EYES - Six Eyes Motif (Columbia).
TPT - Trumpeter on label (Verve / Norgran).
BL/GR - Blue / Green (Atlantic).
RED/PUR - Red / Purple (Atlantic).
GREEN or BLACK label - (Atlantic).
R'BOW - Rainbow (Vee Jay).
DOG - Dog on label (RCA).


(UK) United Kingdom, (B) Belgium, (Dk) Denmark, (F) France, (G) Germany, (DDR) former East Germany, (Hun) Hungary, (Swi) Switzerland, (Aus) Austria, (Pol) Poland, (Cz) Czech, (Sp) Spain, (Nl) Netherlands, (I) Italy, (Por) Portugal, (Sw) Sweden, (Fin) Finland, (US) USA, (Can) Canada, (SA) South Africa, (Br) Brazil, (Gr) Greece, (Aust) Australia, (Irl) Ireland, (Nor) Norway, (J) Japan, (Rus) Russia, (Arg) Argentina, (NZ) New Zealand.

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